Vetter Pet Care

When Vetter Pet Care decided to launch an at-home veterinary care business, they chose the Tactile Group to help them build their online platform.

The goal was to allow users to book veterinary visits online, and send vets directly to their doors. Both Tactile and Vetter wanted booking to be convenient for users, and visits to be as painless as possible for pets, their people, and the veterinarians providing care. Our focus was on simplicity and usability.

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After an intensive period of gathering and documenting requirements, we began to design and build using a modified Agile methodology. The public side of the website is relatively simple, and offers veterinarian bios, a dynamic services and pricing page, and helpful information about puppy, kitten, and end-of-life care. The public side also allows users to see if there are time slots available in their zip code before they even register with the service.


Registered users can book in less than a minute. The system generates confirmation and reminder emails, and allows customers to cancel from within the application. Customers can upload details about multiple pets, attach health records, and keep track of upcoming appointments.

Veterinarians can add availability, and keep track of appointment schedules and details. They can also edit their profiles.

The service administrators can sign up new vets, monitor appointment scheduling, reassign vets if needed, and bill credit card payments after the appointment is complete.

This fully responsive site was built on the Craft content management system, with modules from Stripe, Timekit, and custom code.

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