Rain Check

Philadelphia Water Department

Rain Check, a PWD program that is managed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Sustainable Business Network, aims to reduce the amount of stormwater entering the City of Philadelphia’s combined sewage system, thus reducing stormwater overflow that contributes to the pollution of our local waterways.

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The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) was in need of a new website for their Rain Check residential stormwater management program. The old site was usable, but lacked the educational and stylistic elements that PWD was looking for. The new site needed to elegant, engaging, and educational. It needed to arm prospective program participants with the proper information before attending one of the mandatory Rain Check workshops. It needed to set accurate expectations for options and pricing to avoid sticker shock.


The Tactile team worked closely with stakeholders to create an interactive and educational user experience for prospective and current Rain Check program participants. An interactive and detailed discovery process helped our team gain a deep understanding of this project's priorities. Through interviews, activities, user testing, and by attending multiple Rain Check workshops, we were able to develop a solution that satisfied the needs of our client and their users. 

“With this new website, we’re giving people who are thinking big about ‘greening’ their home in 2018 the tools they need to make it happen.”

Jeanne Waldowski Rain Check Program Manager and PWD employee


The new site’s streamlined navigation and elegant design guides users through the step-by-step process of picking the right stormwater tool, signing up to attend a Rain Check workshop, and scheduling the contractor installation. Prospective participants can use a new interactive “Pick Your Project” questionnaire to discover which tools are the right fit for their residence.

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